Bon Homme High School-South East Entrance


Bon Homme High School-North East Entrance


Tyndall Elementary as of 2000   Athletic Stadium  
Tyndall Elementary w/addition Looking west at Tyndall Elementary
Tabor Elementary Building from the North West Tabor Elementary from the North East
Hutterische Colony School Springfield Elementary from the South West
Springfield Building From the West Springfield Building from the East
New elementary classroom New elementary classroom from opposite corner
Tyndall Elementary Computer Lab New gym, kitchen, and wrestling room under construction.
Wrestling room-Mat One Wrestling room-Mat Two
New auxiliary gym and cafeteria after construction. PE class on new wooden gym floor



This is the Superintendent's Office.  Pictured is the desk of Deb Kokes, Superintendent's secretary


Commons and Walls of Fame

Add Wrestling dual and team State Champions 2002


The Art Room


A Social Studies room


Mr. Borland in the Business Lab


Ms. Haar's Language Arts room.


The High School Guidance Office


Ms. King and her Library.


Students helping students in BHHS Library.


High School Language Arts room.


BHHS Science Lecture room


BHHS Computer Lab